Principle Architecture was established in 2009 by Greg Johnson and Craig Burns, a design partnership that has developed over the past 15 years.





The firm draws on a rich experience of institutional and residential built work. Client consultation, sustainability and public process are central to the success of these projects.


By developing relationships with contractors, consultants and other experts, we are able to coordinate these connections to deliver projects with exceptional integration of all systems.


We believe that the most successful projects embody the unique characteristics of client, location, community and culture.





Every project is seen as a new opportunity to discover and improve, while integrating core design principles such as quality and durability.


As an involved member of the community we provide advice and support to non-profits. Our contributions to various exhibitions is all in an effort to advance the architectural discourse where we live.


Our world is constantly evolving, and we are committed to keeping up. Continuing education courses, workflow development, theory research and representation studies are all part of staying ahead.




conceptual organization

Balancing the unique characteristics of your project, from location, culture, community, landscape and context, will help your project find its place.


facilities strategy

Our experience working with various program types has furthered our understanding of space planning and functional programming. This is an essential step to a project of any size.

scale shift

However large or small your project, an Architect can provide services that add value without adding cost. We are responsive to shifting scales.

facilities programming

Numerous factors influence the scope of your project. Defining the boundaries of the problem is the first step, and will help determine the scale of the solution.


feasibility study

Projects often have high ambitions, but are limited by budget. We understand this, and want to utilize the full capacity of your resources to create the most appropriate design solutions.


Sometimes you have an idea, but don't know how to represent it. We can develop your ideas using 3D and physical modelling, as well as other digital representation methods.

condition assessment

Our experience evaluating existing facilities, understanding their context, and completing life-cycle assessments will give you a snapshot of your building assets' current state.

incremental design

Buildings are sometimes required to change and adapt over time. We understand existing conditions and context, which is the foundation for all additions, renovations, improvements and upgrades.

operations & maintenance

We're invested in buildings, from concept to operations. We offer graphic user interface tools to support operations and maintenance work, which also provides feedback to inform future design decisions.

technical documentation

Architecture is about communication, but sometimes things can get lost in translation. Our experience with permit applications, construction drawings, building envelope design and durability, and building information management (BIM) can help.

project administration

Organization is fundamental to ensuring your project, whether big or small, stays on track. We understand the importance of contract administration, and tracking schedules, costs and document changes.